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Religious protester sparks student outrage, UPD called

Religious protester sparks student outrage, UPD called

Jacob Boyko, News Editor September 13, 2022

The University Police Department was busy Thursday and Friday last week when students gathered to protest a traveling preacher with a fire and brimstone message. The preacher, Daniel John Lee, arrived...

Dont Follow Your Heart

Don’t Follow Your Heart

Luke C. Perkins, Guest Columnist September 17, 2020

Contrary to popular belief, "following your heart" is a terrible idea.  The millennial and Generation Z’s have been misled their entire lives by the Disney philosophy that you should “be the true...

Issue: White savior complex can jeopardize true progress of missionaries

Issue: White savior complex can jeopardize true progress of missionaries

Editorial Board September 16, 2020

Mission trips are largely a dutiful endeavor. They provide aid for developing nations suffering from poverty and environmental devastation, spread faith and can even be an enlightening experience for the...

Religion and sexuality: Two parts of one identity

Religion and sexuality: Two parts of one identity

Gracie Terrall, News Editor September 16, 2020

Sunday mornings, in the pews of Bethel Baptist church in Brookings, sits Amanda Jensen. Her connection to God is strengthened and her heart overflows with praise. She feels welcomed and accepted by this...

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What it takes to be a student religious group

Jordan Rusche, Lifestyles Editor September 16, 2020

With nearly 250 student organizations at South Dakota State University, religion-based organizations make up a fraction of that number with 14 currently active groups. Students may be curious how these...

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FCA offers religious outlet for student athletes

Sydney Smith, Sports Reporter September 16, 2020

While some athletes may not have faith in their sports returning for a regular season, they can have faith in the constant endurance of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).               ...

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Campus religious groups establish fellowship and belonging

Andrew Rasmussen, Reporter September 16, 2020

Fourteen religious student organizations provide services, events and opportunities for students to gather on and off the South Dakota State University campus. One of the organizations serves a “niche...

Newman Center welcomes new priest

Newman Center welcomes new priest

Maggie Molitor, Reporter September 15, 2020

The Pope Pius Xll Newman Center gained a new Catholic priest and director this year as 2004 graduate Father Patrick Grode returns to his alma mater. Grode’s journey back to campus started when he entered...

Islamic Society of Brookings

Islamic Society of Brookings

Megan Bertsch, Copy Editor September 15, 2020

Started by over 100 students and a professor of engineering in the 1970s, the Islamic Society of Brookings has been an important part of the community for almost 45 years. Though it was once a house on...

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