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The Collegian has a strong digital presence online. Its social media accounts have thousands of followers and are a leader of media for college newspapers in the Midwest region. Along with that, the circulation numbers are 2,000. We print 12 times each semester on Wednesdays.

Online Advertising:

Large banner: $125

In-line banner: $125

Small banner: $80

Larger Display: $80

Small Display: $60

Online advertising rates are half price with any print ad.


Media Advertising:

Instagram stories: $25

The Collegian has around 650 followers and a loyal audience. Stories get around 300 views on stories. We would use our platform to get your message out.

Facebook Live: $40

Collegian students produce Facebook Live content for sponsoring organization including meeting with the client in advance to talk about objectives and plan how the spot will be produced. Collegian students act as narrators for the event. Discounts available with purchase of advertising packages.

Promotional Video: $100

Collegian staff will shoot a promotional video for your business you may use for promotion. You will get final approval on editing and content and participate in the content selection for the video. A recent video received 28,000 views.

Sponsored Facebook and Twitter posts: $20

The Collegian has 3,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook, respectively. For $20 The Collegian staff will post on its social media sites information about your business, organization or event. We can boost the post to the amount you specify.


Print Advertisements:

National Advertiser rates


Local Advertisers and SDSU Affiliates rates

Per Column Inch Open Rate: $9 Per Column Inch Open Rate: $5
Eighth-page: $100 Eighth-page: $75
Quarter-page $270 Quarter-page $150
Half-page: $540 Half-page: $250
Full Page: $1,107 Full Page: $500
Front Page Color-Only Banner:

(10.625” wide by 1.25” deep)

$160 Front Page Color-Only Banner:

(10.625” wide by 1.25” deep)

Color Cost Full Color Add $75 Color Cost Full Color Add $75


Online advertising rates are half price with any print ad.

Sample ad sizes for print:

Post-it notes

Post-it notes are net to paper, noncommis­sionable, no cash or payment discounts

Cost per 1,000 (3”x3”) $60

Cost per 1,000 beyond 3×3

( No larger than 4”x6”) $100

Pre-printed Inserts

Cost per 1,000 (*single sheet ) $60

Inserts and post-its must be delivered the Thursday prior to publication. Contact The Collegian to coordinate delivery. Ship to Forum Printing Sioux Falls SD, 5208 Annika Ave No, Sioux Falls, SD 57107



Whole spread: $900

A picture with logo (Pick your own photo): $600

Bottom Ad: $400




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