SA passes ordinance supporting diversity


Sydney Sleep

Students’ Association passed an ordinance showing support for diversity at South Dakota State at its Monday meeting.

Ordinance 17-01-O ensures SA will commit to making a safe and welcoming campus “for the rich array of diversity that exists on campus.” This will be enforced by senators actively participating in the community and encouraging administrative officials to ensure the rights of students and groups on campus.

“This ordinance was created to be proactive and if any situations come up in the future it shows where we stand,” said Sen. Cole McDougall.

The SA Board of Directors plan to reevaluate the ordinance within the first three months of each school year with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, International Committee and ex-officio members of different university organizations.

During an open forum, David Reynolds, director of the School of Performing Arts, gave updates on the Performing Arts Center expansion. So far, everything is going according to schedule.

An additional 96,000 square feet are being added to the original 60,000 square feet. This includes a replacement to Doner Auditorium, which will seat 850 people and a recital hall that seats 225 people.

“The new PAC is a game changer for the music and theatre programs,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds said one goal with the design of the new PAC is that people be reminded of South Dakota when they are inside the building. One way they are implementing this is by using pine from the Black Hills.

New business included a first reading of Ordinance 17-02-O, showing SA’s support for a School of Performing Arts joint-funding model between the Music Council, State University Theatre and Prairie Repertory Theatre. Combining these groups would make up the “School of Performing Arts.”

They gave a first reading of Amendment 17-03-A, which makes attendance at SA meetings a requirement for University Activity Fee and Budgeting Committee general budgeting organizations.

The next SA meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 13 in the Lewis and Clark Room of The Union.