Senator Thune elected for third term


By KATHERINE CLAYTON Editor-in-chief

Senator John Thune was re-elected to represent South Dakota in the U.S. Congress for his third term Tuesday, Nov. 8

Thune thanked South Dakotans in his acceptance speech on Nov. 8 for honoring him “with this great, awesome responsibility.”

“South Dakotans inspire me,” Thune said. “… South Dakotans criticize me. Tonight they have honored me with their vote.”

A few topics Thune (R) promoted include repealing Obamacare, creating more competitive rates for businesses, securing borders in regards to immigration and encouraging affordable education.

At 10:15 p.m. Thune had 73.7 percent of the vote to Jay Williams 26.3 percent.

The Democratic candidate, Williams, opposed the Dakota Access pipeline, wanted to reduce taxes for low-income and middle class families, continue to enforce immigration laws and expand healthcare to all American citizens.

Williams said in his concession speech he is disappointed in the results of the election, but he is content with his participation in the election.

Thune thanked South Dakotans for their support and encouraged citizens in the state to voice their concerns.

“We are still going to live in the greatest country on the planet,” Thune said.