There is a lack of knowledge surrounding GAF strategic plan


Editorial Board

The general activity (GAF) fee is a mandatory per-credit-hour fee that directs funds toward activities the general population of the student body would participate in and benefit from.

Drafting a GAF strategic plan has been at the forefront of the Students’ Association’s priorities this semester. SDSU does a new strategic plan every five years, unlike a lot of other universities that don’t draft a plan at all.

At the end of October, SA sent out a survey to get a general idea of where students want their general activity fee to go.

A few of the options included: later Student Union hours, increased counseling services, athletic department deficit and Wellness Center activity pass.

We, at The Collegian, believe the GAF strategic plan survey speaks volumes to SA’s ability and willingness to give students a voice.

Now that surveys are in, the steering committee will decipher what students are most interested in and use those results to draft the strategic plan.

SA will amend or approve the first draft, and from there it will be sent up to University Activity Fee and Budget Committee, who will vote for or against the first draft.

Upon approval, SDSU President Barry Dunn will officially stamp the strategic plan and send it to the Board of Regents.

GAF either rises or stays the same every year, which is why it’s so important to know where the money is going.

The survey is closed now, but it provided a unique opportunity for students to have a voice in SA’s allocation decisions, something all students should take advantage of.