The Collegian’s Noodle Bowl Review


Zoey Schentzel

Agua Fresh is located on Main Avenue in Brookings.

Editorial Board


Agua Fresh, a juice and grilled sandwich cafe downtown, just added an extension to their menu. Noodle Bowl, a separate service located in the same building, serves noodle cuisine from different parts of the world. For this week’s editorial, The Collegian decided to review three of the new dishes.


  1. Tri Color Tortellini Caprese


The tri-colored tortellini and pad thai dishes were in tough competition for first place, but after several minutes of debate, the staff decided this rainbow, cheese filled pasta was the resounding winner. The tortellini is tossed in a pesto sauce and roasted tomatoes, then topped off with a balsamic drizzle.  


“I like the warm tomatoes,” Jacob Boyko, news editor


“It was really good. I didn’t think I would like it because I’ve never had it, but it surprised me,” Skyler Jackson, sports editor

  1. Pad Thai



The Pad Thai was another popular dish among the editorial staff. The rice noodle stir-fry was topped with eggs, a signature Noodle Bowl sweet chili sauce and crushed peanuts. While some thought it was a little too spicy, others liked the kick it added to the dish. 


“There was a good combo of sweet and spicy, as pad thai should have,” Brina Sturm, lifestyles editor


“Mmm, chef’s kiss … and you can quote me on that,” Mara Wheaton, assistant news editor


  1. Fettuccine Alfredo



This classic dish contained a creamy alfredo sauce with your protein choice of chicken, shrimp, bacon or black forest ham. We had high hopes for these noodles, but were tragically let down. The alfredo pasta left something to be desired for the Collegian staff, as they thought it lacked flavor. 


“This fettuccine is giving nothing,” Brina Sturm, lifestyles editor


“I thought the alfredo was pretty ‘mid’ to be honest,” Evan Patzwald, assistant sports editor