2018 Midterm Election Results



Hunter Dunteman

The 2018 midterms have caused a stir among South Dakotans. Data from Google Trends shows that terms such as “election” and “midterm” are seeing their second highest trend ratings in South Dakota since November of 2004 — the highest trend ratings being the 2016 presidential election.

Polls opened statewide at 7 a.m. Tuesday and remained open until 7 p.m., giving voters, who hadn’t taken advantage of South Dakota’s absentee or early voting options, a chance for their voice to be heard.

This midterm election gave voters a say in the election of S.D. Governor, a U.S. Representative, and state House and state Senate seats in each district.

There are also three state constitutional amendments on the ballot this year.

S.D. Governor

Kristi Noem (R): 51%

Billie Sutton (D): 48%

Kurt Evans (L): 1%

U.S. Representative

“Dusty” Johnson (R): 60%

Tim Bjorkman (D): 36%

Ron Wieczorek (I): 2%

George Hendrickson (L): 1%

Attorney General

Jason Ravnsborg (R): 55%

Randy Seiler (D): 45%

Commissioner of School and Public Lands

Ryan Brunner (R): 62%

Woody Houser (D): 38%

State Auditor

Rich Sattgast (R): 64%

Tom Cool (D): 36%

Secretary of State

Steve Barnett (R): 65%

Alexandra Frederick (D): 35%

State Treasurer

Josh Haeder (R): 62%

Aaron Matson (D): 38%

Public Utilities Commissioner

Kristie Fiegen (R): 65%

Wayne Frederick (D): 35%

State Representative, District 7

Tim Reed (R): 33%

Doug Post (R): 22%

“Bill” Adamson (D): 18%

Cory Ann Ellis (I): 14%

Zachary Kovach (D): 13%

State Senator, District 7

V.J. Smith (R): 61%

Mary Perpich (D): 39%

States Attorney

Dan Nelson (R): 52%

Teree Nesvold (I): 48%

Initiated Measure 24

Yes: 56%

No: 44%

Initiated Measure 25

No: 55%

Yes: 45%

Constitutional Amendment W

No: 55%

Yes: 45%

Constitutional Amendment X

No: 54%

Yes: 46%

Constitutional Amendment Z

Yes: 62%

No: 38%

Supreme Court Retention: Should Justice Janine Kern be retained in office?

Yes: 83%

No: 17%