SA approves new venture for Armed Forces Association


Trenton Abrego

A new venture of $1,960 was made and granted by Students’ Association during the Nov. 5 meeting.

The allocation will benefit the Armed Forces Association.

AFA will be permanently be put in SA’s budget. The funds will be utilized in three different ways:

  • Purple Heart Chapter 5355
      • Support for transportation to a Las Vegas conference that promotes support for student veterans to increase resilience, mental health and retention.
  • Veteran retreat
      • A three-day retreat in Deadwood that will promote eco-therapy, an engagement with outdoor activities to prevent suicides from veterans.
  • Warrior Week (Nov. 3 through Nov. 11)
    • Promotion of awareness on and off campus by providing programming through events, speakers and comradery events.

“Just the fact that there are so many veterans out there that commit suicide,” Dr. Florencio Aranda III, an SA adviser, said. “I applaud the fact that you approved that budget and that y’all are working towards being that school that promotes and provides that funding for these people to have those resources available.”

The praise from Dr. Flo didn’t stop there.

“What y’all did today, if you see it as just another vote, think of yourselves as an accountability partner because you just provided money for those services, so I commend you on that,” Dr. Flo said.

In other news, Sen. McDougall reported he is working towards getting a polling booth on-campus for the spring elections.

International Relations Council and Formula SAE gave their student reports.

SA will be taking a week off for Veteran’s Day. They will be back at 7 p.m., Nov. 19 in the Lewis Clark room.