Students’ Association unanimously passes three resolutions


Trenton Abrego

“Aye” was said 87 times in the Lewis and Clark Room during the Oct. 29 Students’ Association meeting as three resolutions were unanimously passed.

These resolutions were:

  • 18-02 R. The resolution supports the Board of Regents’ creation of a new needs-based financial aid program called Dakota’s Promise. The hope is that the scholarship will close the gap between existing financial aid and the cost of attendance for South Dakota college students.
  • 18-03 R. A resolution that supports a 1.5 percent (or $3.1 million) increase to supplement the state’s regular salary package for competitive salaries and help both recruit and retain quality faculty for South Dakota State University.
  • 18-04 R. This amendment recommends Campus Planning and Design Committee to change its charter so a representative from the SA Parking and Traffic Committee Planning is included on the planning committee. 

During the open forum, spokespersons for the Wintrode Success Center and Tutoring Program gave a report to SA. They spoke to initiate a healthy relationship with student senators.

They also shared their goals which were open communication, sharing what they are doing and getting student feedback to better understand the needs of students.

One of their biggest challenges has been the budget, which comes from, the Office of Academic Affairs where they are labeled as a service unit.

“Last week, I had a student come in with 101 signatures wanting SI [Supplemental Instruction] for Physics 211, I love her initiative and I love that’s something she sees as important,” Linde Murray, supplemental instruction coordinator said. “But, I don’t have the budget to be able to do that.”

Human Powered Vehicle Club also gave a club report during the meeting. The club is an engineering team that competes in the society of mechanical engineers event every year.

They design, build and race a vehicle. Their goal is for students to build a substitute for a car in urban settings.

Four years ago, the club was created and now the club has grown to 15 full-time members according to Alex Gray, who gave the club report to SA.

Last year, SDSU won five total awards and finished first in endurance, women’s and men’s speed events.

Next week, SA will meet again at 7 p.m., Nov. 5 in the Lewis and Clark Room. Students are encouraged to attend.