Fire alarm during Bum-Over doesn’t bum out participants


HUNTER DUNTEMAN The Union was emptied after fire alarms disrupted Bum-Over celebrations.

Hunter Dunteman

A fire alarm interrupted Bum-Over celebrations in the Union Thursday night.

Bum-Over was less than half an hour into the building process of the event when a fire alarm went off, forcing hobos to abandon their buildings and evacuate the Union.

According to Keith Skogstad, assistant director of the Union, a heat detector in the Market was tripped when an employee attempted to clean a hot stove. He said there were no flames and nobody was in danger.

University police arrived less than five minutes after the alarms and the building was cleared for re-entry in less than twenty minutes.

However, hobos made the most of the evacuation. Hobo Day Committee members grabbed a table and chairs from the Einstein’s patio and made the decision to host the arm wrestling competition outdoors.

Hobos were able to re-enter the Union and continue the Bum-Over event after police gave the all-clear.