Students may be embarrassed to bring their family to campus


Editorial Board

This weekend is the first ever Family Weekend at SDSU.

Previously, the university dedicated one weekend a year to Jackrabbit mothers and one to Jackrabbit fathers, but this year it’s changed to recognize all types of families.

We, at The Collegian feel it’s important to share your experience with your family, and Family Weekend gives you the perfect opportunity to do so.

However, if you’ve relished in the freedom of not living within the confines of your family’s house, you may be hesitant to invite them to the place you’ve been calling home.

It’s understandable. You might not want to spend the weekend showing your family around campus and town — especially if a lot of other students are doing the same thing.

But Brookings and the SDSU campus are playing host to the next major stage in your life. What you do here matters to your family, so they are probably excited about an opportunity to see you in your new element.

They knew who you were when you saw them everyday, but Family Weekend is your chance to show them who you’ve become now that you’re functioning relatively on your own.

This year, Family Weekend is about much more than just your parents. It’s for your siblings, your friends and even your family friends. Anyone you consider family is welcome to come to campus and participate in the activities.

Ask your family to bring your dog, your cat or maybe even your guinea pigs. Show whoever you consider family off to all of your college friends.

Hopefully you’ve found a family here at SDSU, so this weekend gives you an opportunity to bring your two families together.

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