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Safe drinking: What to do when consuming alcohol


Consumption of alcohol is regulated for a reason.

Irresponsible consumption and actions resulting from it can have steep real-world consequences.

The Collegian reached out to University Police and Student Health Clinic staff to curate a list of things to remember when deciding to drink alcohol.

DO: Act like an adult

Consuming alcohol is an adult privilege and should be treated as such. Consume responsibly and be mature. If you’re partaking in an adult activity, there are adult consequences and that should not be taken lightly.

DON’T: Drink and drive

Arrange for a designated driver, call friends or family for a ride or take the bus. Do not endanger yourself and other by getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

DO: Call for help if things get out of hand

If you feel like you are in danger or an accident occurs, call the authorities. They are there to help you and any consequences faced are better than not receiving the help you need.

DON’T: Consume when you aren’t in a positive mindset

Alcohol is a depressant, so drinking while you aren’t in a good frame of mind is ill-advised because of how alcohol can alter your perceptions and mood.

DO: Stop drinking if you feel sick

If you are starting to feel ill or have already vomited, you have had too much to drink. It’s time to stop and get yourself right before things get worse.

DON’T: Engage in sexual activity

If you, your partner or both of you are under the influence, consent cannot be given. Wait until everyone involved is sober before making decisions related to sexual activity.

DO: Keep your best interests in mind

Use your best judgment and stay away from strange people, places and vehicles (especially if the motorist has been drinking).

DON’T: Intentionally drink too much

Know your limits and stick to them. If you start to feel buzzed, it means your blood alcohol content is rising. If this is the case, stop drinking immediately.

DO: Eat something beforehand if you plan to drink

If you are going to consume alcohol, it is best to have something in your stomach beforehand. It will prevent you from reaching your limit too quickly.

This list is not comprehensive but contains several important things to remember in order to consume alcohol in a safe, responsible manner. Following these guidelines will help to make South Dakota State and the Brookings communities safer for everyone.

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