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“Darties” a top choice for pre-game celebrations

HUNTER DUNTEMAN Beer darts is a favorite among students to play at house parties.

The atmosphere on campus is never quite the same in the hours leading up to a home football game.

With the first home football game against Montana State on Sept. 8, many students attended one of the large house parties just off campus.

These pregame house parties, often called “darties” in reference to a daytime party, are how many students prefer to spend their Saturday afternoons.

Darties are widely accepted amongst students as one of the top pregame activities.

Freshman business economics major Luke Sebert was able to pinpoint exactly why pregame house parties are so hyped up.

“It’s like a pep rally but with everyone you know and like,” Sebert said. “The endless show of sheer tomfoolery is just wild on gameday and I love it.”

But Sebert offered a piece of advice for those who may not be familiar with the scene: “When you wear a white T-shirt … you should watch out for mud.”

Jesse Kreutzfeldt, a sophomore electrical engineering major, uses pregame parties to build on his excitement for home football games.

“You’re with a bunch of others that are just as excited as you,” Kreutzfeldt said. “Everyone just builds off of each other.”


Clay, a 20-year-old student, said the changes in tailgating policies on campus pushed students toward house parties before the game. 

“[Alcohol] brings out the fun in all of us, as long as people do it responsibly,” Clay said. 

He said as a freshman, it’s important to meet friends at parties.

When you’re out looking for a pregame house party, it may not be hard to find. Sebert, Kreutzfeldt and Clay all agree that house parties are much more common than some would think.

But Clay always reminds people to stay safe, smart and responsible.

“One hundred percent of the time, SDSU students bond over parties,” he said. “We want to bring everyone together, but everyone has to stay responsible.”

Parties before the game are an excellent way to prepare for the game, especially during the home opener.

“There’s no better way to show up to the game and cheer on your team than with all the new friends you just made,” Kreutzfeldt said. 

Home football games have treated Jacks fans fairly well, with the team taking easy victories 45-14 and 90-6.

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  • H

    Harold BurtonSep 22, 2021 at 11:24 pm

    My Top Five:
    1) Super Metroid
    2) Final Fantasy VI
    3) Zelda Link to the Past
    4) Donkey Kong Country
    5) Yoshi’s Island.
    I’m sorry but the arcade ports do not count, no matter how good games they were.
    Street Alpha 2, in SNES was a technical marvel and nevertheless it was not a SNES game of its own, but a home conversion of an arcade game.
    Harold Burton

  • K

    Kelly HubbardSep 19, 2021 at 3:52 am

    Good article. I’m experiencing many of these issues as well.
    Kelly Hubbard

  • A

    Ashley JonesSep 4, 2021 at 5:43 am

    As much as l like nowadays games such as GOW series, or COD, GT and the hyper realistic GTA, as well as recognizing that graphics are awsome and had been the aim of many videogames, you know, to get it improved, but I feel thar videogames have lost its charm. I mean, videogames with top graphics are more and more like imitations of reality than a paralel world that might not be as good looking, but inspired a lot more of imagination. I know kids arent the same anymore, but I miss the way a simple game like mario world, DK, top gear, even older ones like sonic, got me do involved by sparking my immagination. It’s like reading a book compared to Watching a movie, no effects can match your mind.


  • J

    Joseph DonahueAug 26, 2021 at 8:18 pm

    25 is barely enough to do the SNES justice, there are other awesome games on there that could make the list more than some of the titles you had on there, games like Pilotwings, Sim City, ActRaiser 1+2, Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, Lufia 1+2, Demon’s Crest, Secret of Evermore, Skyblazer, The Firemen, Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Stunt Race FX, Breath of Fire 1+2, Dragon View, Zombies ate my neighbors, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Killer Instinct, Lost Vikings 1+2, Shadowrun… So many good memories.
    Joseph Donahue

  • H

    Harold BurtonJul 14, 2021 at 12:50 pm

    Cool list. Before you started I thought to myself Link to the Past would be at the top of my personal list, but wasn’t sure if others would agree. When you got to number 5 and I still hadn’t seen Link, I was sure it had to be number one. When you said Blackthorne I was like WHAAAT!!???? lol Despite your telling us in the intro that it hadn’t made the list. Made me laugh out loud. Loved the vid. Thought the choices were great, the commentary was funny and the attention given to each game was just the right length. Awesome job!

    Some of my favs that didn’t make the list 🙁
    – Super Punch-Out
    – Super Double Dragon
    – Breath of Fire
    – NBA Jam
    – The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

    Harold Burton