SDSU professor brought class to get frequently missing student

Brianna Schreurs

A South Dakota State professor gave a student a rude awakening by bringing the entire class to his residence hall after not showing up for about two weeks.

Noble Karels, @smallnobes on Twitter, posted the development on Snapchat then Twitter of professor Elizabeth Tofte and her class retrieving landscape architecture major Jacob Dietzenbach from Spencer Hall.

From @SmallNobes on Twitter

The original tweet has been retweeted around 38,000 times and has more than 227,000 likes on Twitter.

Dietzenbach isn’t upset about the class coming to meet him in his hall.

“The week I was gone was an excused absence for a shoulder surgery coming up and the other two days I slept in,” he said.

The responses on Twitter varied.

Alex Rhodes, @_Alex_Rhodes_ on Twitter, said this stunt was “a waste of class time.”

“The lesson being your prof will waste the time of the students who show up for someone who clearly doesnt care and wouldnt even understand what’s going on as he hasn’t been there for 2 weeks. Wasting your time, money and energy to coddle an adult. Uni 2018,” he tweeted.

But Karels said it wasn’t a waste.

“Jokes on you, it was a learning experience for the entire class,” Karels tweeted back. “We walked the campus and found different nodes and other technical things you wouldn’t understand. More than half the class was our prof explaining everything that went with that class. Step off.”

Overall, Tofte is gaining respect from Twitter.

“For those of you saying it was wasted time are the same people who are going to need someone to be that compassionate to you one day,” India, @idrink_juice on Twitter, said.

Tyler James Noble, @tj_noble96 on Twitter, said: “That professor is the real MVP.”
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