Woodbine here to stay


Woodbine Cottage has changed paint colors multiple times, generally changing during each president’s term. According to Les Olive, “there are layers and layers and layers” of paint.

Brianna Schreurs

Located on the northwest corner of Medary Avenue and Harvey Dunn Street is the Woodbine Cottage. It has housed 15 university presidents since 1903. But with the completion of the new President’s Home, what will become of Woodbine Cottage?

Jamison Lamp, university events coordinator, said the final decision is pending.

“The president has a group making the decision to who will maintain the cottage,” he said.

Lamp said he has a “gut feeling” a decision will be made by the end of the year. One thing’s for sure, though, the Woodbine Cottage is here to stay.

“The cottage is on a national historical register,” he said. “So, it won’t go anywhere.”

The National Register of Historic Places is a national program that preserves objects with significance in American history, architecture, archeology or culture.

The building has value as it holds historical significance for the college. Woodbine served as a girl’s dormitory from 1887 to 1901 then as a music hall in 1902. It also briefly served as an infirmary in 1918 when a flu epidemic spread across campus, according to the university website. Six people died inside the house from the epidemic.

While a verdict is being determined, Woodbine is used to host different campus events. The last couple events took place in August for staff dinners and campus retreats.

“It’s still being used,” Lamp said.