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Roundabout update: students’, police reactions after first week

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Roundabout update: students’, police reactions after first week

Hunter Dunteman

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Just a little more than a week after a roundabout opened at the intersection of Jackrabbit Avenue and University Boulevard, traffic is flowing smoothly.

Students feel as though the roundabout was an improvement to campus.

“It was definitely a good addition,” said Brandon Krogman, a junior community public health major. “There’s always people there and it can be used all-day long.”

The roundabout is a part of the University Boulevard Improvements which redeveloped the area of campus due to the new Performing Arts Center, the new Frost Arena practice facility and the redeveloped parking area.

The intersection was already dangerous due to high traffic volume and poor design according to David Law, director of project management and engineering for Facilities and Services.

The Federal Highway Administration reports roundabouts decrease injury collisions by 75 percent, pedestrian collisions by 40 percent and overall collisions by 37 percent.

SDSU Police have not received any reports of accidents in regards to the roundabout yet.

Despite being thrown for a loop at first, Krogman said he sees the reasoning behind it.

“It’s different, but it’s more efficient,” he said. “It’s going to make it better for after events.” 

University Police have noticed that some drivers are experiencing some trouble in becoming familiar to the roundabout.

“We have noticed a slight decline in traffic in this area,” said Deputy Police Chief Michael Kilber. “Which could mean some people are avoiding the roundabout.”

Although there have been violations, Kilber said UPD has not been giving citations, as they are allowing a reasonable period of time for drivers to become familiar with it.

“Observed violations we have encountered include: drivers turning left, pedestrians walking or standing in the interior ‘truck apron,’ drivers not stopping for pedestrians in the crosswalks and excessive speeds inside the roundabout,” Kilber said.

All in all, the roundabout has been accomplishing its purpose without causing drivers too much distress.

“The roundabout has been no more problematic than more traditional intersections and it does seem to keep traffic flowing at a faster pace,” Kilber said. 

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  1. Scott Batson on August 31st, 2018 7:02 pm

    Technically, roundabouts reduce delay, they don’t increase traffic speed.

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