Students’ Association approves conspiracy theory club


Landon Dierks

It’s time to take an adventure down the rabbit hole.

 Last week, South Dakota State University Students’ Association approved the constitution for Down the Rabbit Hole: Conspiracy Theory Club.

 Amanda Husted, a sophomore human development and family studies major and president of the club, first conceived the idea for the unique club after her freshman year, when she bonded with other students over conversations about popular conspiracy theories; an experience she wanted to share with others at SDSU.

 Karin Burdick, a TRIO Student Support Services retention adviser, helped turn Husted’s dream into reality when she offered to become the adviser that the club needed to begin the process of becoming an official club at SDSU.

 Burdick hopes the formation of this club not only provides students with an arena to discuss interesting and fun topics, but enhances individuals’ ability to think deeper and not always take things for face value. 

“I feel like this is a unique club in a way,” Burdick said. “This is an opportunity to get to know people, learn things, enhance skills such as critical thinking. I don’t think all clubs are a debate-friendly learning experience quite like this one will be, so expect this to be a very unique opportunity.”

 Husted encourages anyone and everyone to consider joining the club.

 “I think starting this club is a great way to provide a space where everyone — skeptics, believers and people who may not know what to think — can talk about conspiracy theories in a fun, judgement-free zone,” Husted said.

 Another founding member Vanesa Salas said the club will be open to people of all ages and majors at SDSU, and will provide an opportunity to meet people with a wide array of experiences and points of view.

 Down the Rabbit Hole received quite a bit of attention from the student body at the Student Engagement Expo on August 19. At their booth, the club recorded 175 names and email addresses of interested students.

 “[This experience] has been very overwhelming in the most positive way,” said Husted of the club’s early popularity. “I get at least five emails a day from people reaching out and wanting more information.”

 The club plans to meet the third Sunday of every month for the fall semester while gauging the success of the meetings. The first meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Sept. 16 in a location still to be determined.

For more information about Down the Rabbit Hole: Conspiracy Theory Club, check out Jacks Club Hub on the SDSU website or contact Amanda Husted directly at [email protected]