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New Grand Pooba prepares for Hobo Day 2024

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New Grand Pooba Victoria Hanson walks in the 2023 Hobo Day Parade as the Security Coordinator for the Hobo Day Committee.

Hobo Day is still months away, but this year’s new Grand Pooba is at work making sure the biggest one-day event in South Dakota goes off without a hitch.

Victoria Hansen, a senior from Austin, Minnesota, was named Grand Pooba this past November. This is her second year on the Hobo Day Committee.

 Last year, as a junior, she was the security coordinator for the Hobo Day Parade. This year, she has three returning assistant coordinators, along with seven returning members and 11 new faces.

“I am so excited to watch all the committee members grow this year, and to see what they can accomplish,” Hansen said, who is majoring in agriculture science with minors in dairy industries and leadership.

Matilyn Kerr is the former Hobo Day adviser, who stepped down this past fall after Hobo Day to take another job. She was involved in the selection of the new Grand Pooba, along with last year’s Grand Pooba.

When looking at qualities for the Grand Pooba, the selection committee looked for someone who was energetic and can get people on board with plans and motivate them. Hansen filled all those qualities for them; along with having a magnetic personality, the ability to get people to follow her lead and just jumping in and helping others whenever needed.

Catherine Klein is a freshman majoring in Entrepreneurial Studies and a minor in marketing. This is her first year on the Hobo Day Committee after watching her older sister be on the committee and be the Grand Pooba back in 2019. She is extremely excited to have Hansen as the Grand Pooba, and to continue to form relationships with the other committee members.

“I know Hansen will be a great Grand Pooba. She has such a great balance of getting things done but also making it fun. Every meeting we have had so far, she has just cracked jokes the entire time and is always making us laugh,” Klein said.

When applying for the position, Hansen had to fill out an application and then create a vision plan for Hobo Day 2024. She presented to former committee members, and then a second presentation to a group of professionals from across campus. Each presentation was 20 to 30 minutes, with an additional 30 minutes for questions. She then found out she got the position, less than a month after Hobo Day 2023.

This year, since she isn’t in charge of just one thing, Hansen plans to focus more on the little things, let the coordinators do their job, and continue to check in on them and make sure they have everything they need to succeed.

When asked what her favorite Hobo Day memory was Hansen said, “Before being on the committee it was definitely Bum-A-Meal, however, since being on the committee, it’s getting to put all the events together, to then watch the other students make those life-long memories.”

Hansen’s goal for Hobo Day 2024 is to break all standing records for each event throughout the week. Her favorite part of each event is talking to the students and alumni and hearing the different stories and memories each of them has.

According to Kerr, if they can break all those records, they will have put on a phenomenal Hobo Day 2024. She is excited for Hansen and the 2024 Hobo Day Committee and can’t wait to watch the end of the parade because, “it is so fun and cool to see the committee have their moment each year.”

Hansen can’t wait to put on Hobo Day 2024 for all of SDSU because those moments and memories with everyone are what make it so fun and rewarding.

While Hobo Day is the biggest one-day event in South Dakota, there are still many events leading up to it. From the one-month club kick off, where students pledge to not shave for a month, to BumFire the Thursday night before, with many more events throughout the week as well.

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