Issue: SDSU is falling behind in bike initiatives compared to other universities and the Brookings community.


Editorial Board

Providing better transportation for the SDSU campus has been a priority of the Students’ Association for years. This week, senate brought the discussion of bicycles back into the light again.

There have been multiple proposals for aiding students in transportation; equipping students with bicycles is one of them.

Multiple Midwest universities have bike-share programs, like the University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska- Omaha, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and North Dakota State University.

A bike-share program would guarantee students have functional bikes. The upkeep for many of these programs is done by the companies who provide the bikes.

These programs are set up differently, whether payment be through apps, a kiosk or student ID, they make payment and access simple for students.

A little more than a year ago, the city of Brookings took up the initiative to become a platinum-level bicycle friendly community, a status designated by the League of American Bicyclists, by the year 2040.

As part of Brookings’ master bike plan, a shared-use path along Sixth Street, between Main Avenue and Medary Avenue, will be developed by 2019.

The city of Brookings is making great strides with bike-friendliness, and it’s time for SDSU to follow suit.

Currently, SDSU’s campus does not have sidewalks wide enough for bicyclists and foot traffic to travel at the same time. Because of that, those who do try to cycle with pedestrians

When safety is such a high priority at SDSU, making sidewalks safe shouldn’t be ignored.

Having a campus that can accommodate bikes better could lead to less parking frustrations as well. Places to park on campus are difficult to find. With a bike-share program, this problem could be eased by allowing students to access transportation and ride around campus without having to worry about parking far away from their classes.

SDSU is behind in bicycle-friendliness compared to other universities and the Brookings area. Facilities and Services, along with the Brookings Bike Committee, should work to develop a plan to provide bikes and better bike lanes for the good of campus.

Stance: A bike-share program and bike lanes on campus should be implemented.