Managing debt while attending college



Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head

College can be a great time, but it also comes with many different kinds of stressors. One of the main stresses as a college student, can be finances. Paying for college can be a difficult task to navigate and understand. Borrowing money to pay for college may be the first type of debt young adults experience and is often scary.

A resource has been developed to help college students understand debt and learn how to navigate through this financial issue. SDSU Extension has produced the video, Debt, on YouTube. This video explains debt and provides tips for managing debt. 

Understanding debt will help you better manage the amount you borrow. The more you know about debt, the better decision you will make. The main idea to remember is how you will pay the money you borrowed back. In the video, it discusses consumer debt, student loan debt, bad debt, how to determine how much to borrow as a student and how to lower your loan balance. 

Paying for college should not be a large burden, as it can be managed. Understanding your debt does not have to be an overwhelming task. For more information on debt and finances, visit If you are finding that debt has become an issue, reach out to Lorna Wounded Head, accredited financial counselor, [email protected] for advice and strategies to help with your situation.