Duel hits right note for students


With over 40 years of combined experience and an arsenal of songs at their side, the battle began between the two dueling pianists on the Market stage on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

Nick “Beefcake” and David “Andrue” busted out in popular songs such as “I’m Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO and “Any Way You Want It” by Journey. The duo took audience requests and kept continuous interaction throughout.

“We tend to bring a storm of insanity and fun to campuses,” said “Andrue”. “We’re the reason you suddenly got all of this bad weather. Sorry guys.”

“I thought it was a unique and different opportunity for the school,” said Garrett Chappell, a freshman graphic design major.

More University Program Council events are taking place on the Market stage. In November 2011, The Spill Canvas played for the Hobo Week concert.

“I like the location because it’s almost like entertainment while eating,” said UPC Arts Coordinator Sarah Diede. “It’s also really open and available for people walking by and it’s just really fun and gets more exposure.”

Diede also hosted the poster sale and will host the PhotoShop and photography contest in March.