Yearbook could be revived online


SDSU lost an invaluable student publication just one decade ago. Running for a period of 103 years from 1898 till 2001, the Jackrabbit yearbook was a yearly chronicle of the best (and worst) of SDSU from the students’ point of view. The Jackrabbit was funded, designed, and produced entirely by students, and was available for free. Discontinued in 2001 due to budget cuts and poor organization, the memory of the Jackrabbit has all but completely faded from the memory of today’s SDSU students with the passage of time.

Included in the Jackrabbit were the photos of each individual student, their year in school, and their home town. The majority of the yearbook, however, was made up of profiles of student groups, academic departments and almost every person and organization that played a role at the university. There were pages with pictures and descriptions of the plays, profiles of each Greek organization, details about what Little I and Students’ Association did that year, pictures of organizations and Capers cast and much more. The Jackrabbit also included art, poetry, and scenic photography of the campus. It was an incredible compilation.

As time wore on, the staff faced some rough patches, and in the last couple years, dwindled to a group of just three or four students. The volunteers, in conjunction with The Collegian, fought hard to maintain the Jackrabbit. However, with a tight budget and inadequate help, the publication’s quality declined, and students no longer saw the value in the diminished Jackrabbit. In 2002, SA officially put an end on the Jackrabbit by cutting its $62,000.

Today, one decade after its demise, The Collegian and the Students’ Association are looking at what it would take to re-initiate the Jackrabbit yearbook – this time in a digital form. How exactly it would take shape is as yet uncertain, but there is a movement to bring it back. If you would be interested in helping bring back an SDSU legend, one that was a tradition for over a century, please let us know. We will need all the help we can get. I can be reached at (507) 220-0506. Thank you for your interest.