[adult swim] on tour at SDSU

Stuart Hughes

The 2012 Adult Swim Carnival Tour is on its way to the campus of SDSU.

Superfly Presents will be hosting the crazy, eccentric carnival with Adult Swim themed games in a local state fair fashion. SDSU will be the fourth stop of the tour, featuring a performance by Dan Deacon, who famously mixes electronics and music to make his own unique sound.

Adult Swim is a program on the Cartoon Network, which features shows with characters like a talking wad of meat and old favorite action figures from the past, used for stop-motion scenes in the show Robot Chicken. But, these aren’t cartoons for kids. Adult themes and language are used in excess.

When the University Program Council office got a call from Adult Swim wondering if they could add SDSU to the list of possible campuses to visit, Elliot Strand, showcase coordinator for UPC, had only a few questions.

“I asked what it would cost and what they [would] charge for students,” he said. Adult Swim replied with a single word answer: free.

Strand made a push for this event, with hopes of it being one of the best of the year. Adult Swim provided all the promotional material and advertising for the carnival, such as posters, which will hang around SDSU, Madison and Sioux Falls.

“They were looking to hit a new market that they hadn’t quite got to yet,” Strand said.

The carnival is an outdoor event, located on Student Center Lane, in between Pierson and Caldwell halls. Funky games like Balloonicorn, which requires the participant to wear a unicorn horn helmet while stabbing balloons on the ceiling, all in a thirty second time limit, is one of many wacky house games students can look forward to. A booth will also be set up for two people to go in either side and see who can yell the loudest.

This isn’t Adult Swim’s first time with this carnival.

“It’s a national thing that they (Adult Swim) have put a lot of thought into,” Strand said.

Free stuff will be given away to maintain the carnival theme. Koozies, tote bags, DVDs and T-shirts will be handed out throughout the extravaganza. The main event, which a few UPC members are looking forward to, is Dan Deacon.

“Dan Deacon is an incredible musician from Baltimore,” said Strand about the special performance guest. Deacon is well known for his concert style. He’s not like the usual band that sits on a stage a mile away from the audience. Instead, he’s typically located in the pit with the crowd.

“He plays in the middle of the crowd on a small table and is really involved with the crowd,” said Mark Wagner, who also works for UPC.

Deacon has a major following of supporters and has performed at numerous music festivals, including, Coachella, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo.

“He usually plays sold-out shows,” Wagner said.

Strand mentioned Superfly Presents, as well as Adult Swim and Deacon himself, will choose a local band to open for Deacon. Strand provided them with a few suggestions, but the decision is ultimately up to Superfly and company.