Group’s teaching sparks protest

Emma Dejong

For several hours today a noticeable crowd was outside The Union using freedom of speech to the fullest.

Three men from Milbank Christian Fellowship in Milbank, S.D., came to SDSU to preach the message of “eternal life and forgiveness,” said Alvin Esh, one of the men.

They brought resources to distribute and signs to display. One saying “homosexuality is sin” has upset several students, including members of the SDSU Gay Straight Alliance.

“They told us that because we’re gay we’re going to hell,” said GSA President Joshua Sulloway.

Other students not part of GSA joined the protest as well. One student joined the rally carrying a sign saying “If God is real he would love everybody.”

Esh said they did not want to “cause a disturbance,” rather they only want “to preach the gospel.”

“The Bible is very clear that we all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory,” he said. “The Bible said he became sin. He took our sins upon himself.”

GSA member Rachel Willson said she listened to the preaching for more than an hour and then decided to bring her sign.

“God is also a loving God,” she said, holding a sign reading “I love girls and God loves me.”

Sulloway said he “is not against religion,” just against what was being said today.

“What these people are saying is not true,” he said. “It’s just their opinion.”

Esh said homosexuality is not their focus, but it is a sin.

“The only reason we [preach] is because we believe God has something better,” he said. “We just believe with all our hearts that the Bible is the message of hope and peace for everyone.”