Nepalese students active on campus

Emily Dotson

Simply by word of mouth, 75 Nepalese students and their families have joined together to form one of the largest international student organizations on the SDSU campus.

Raj Bhandari, president of the Nepalese Student Association, could not be more proud.

“We are bringing Nepal to SDSU,” he said.

NeSA is an active organization and hosts many events, including one of the largest events on campus: Nepal Nite. NeSA also welcomes new Nepalese students, throws them a going away party upon graduating and has recently adopted a highway. Bhandari said it was a way to, “thank the Brookings community for accepting us and giving us a place in [the] community.”

NeSA prides themselves on providing a welcoming feeling for incoming students. Bhandari said the students often don’t know what to pack or expect duri