Candidates encouraged to make measurable change

Editorial Staff

Issue: As the Students’ Association elections approach, the candidates develop goals for the coming school year.

Several students currently on and hoping to be on the Students’ Association say one of their top goals is to help the student body know who SA is.

When that is a top goal, it won’t happen.

It’s a basic princple. People don’t know you by what you say. They know you by what you do.

So to the students who want to expand the Performing Arts Center, increase campus recycling or add lighting around the library: we commend you. Not for the goals you have, but for the fact you have real, specific goals.

Goals should be measurable with a desired outcome. It’s been done before; the Bum-A-Bike project was once just a vision in a similar group’s heads.

Real results take work and patience.

Students will not know what SA is because a senator visits their classroom and gives a PowerPoint presentation about student government, and they aren’t likely to care about an open forum discussion in the Market.

On SA’s website, the mission statement says, “Our duty is to improve the student experience at SDSU.”

We want to encourage future senators to do that. Use the opportunity you have been given and do something. Students knowing who you are will come later.

Stance: Students know who you are when you do something. Not when you tell them who you are.