Chick-fil-A stirs controversy

Issue: A group on campus is upset with Chick-fil-A being a part of the new campus dining.

Chick-fil-A was chosen this year as one of the three new dining options for The Union expansion, and a small group on campus is upset by this decision.

Chick-fil-A’s owners, the Cathy family, have given money in support of several Christian organizations: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Focus on the Family, The Family Resource Council and Exodus International. This led the upset group to believe the company is anti-gay, as a few of those organizations promote traditional marriage.

The Cathy family has been open about their spiritual beliefs, and it’s because of these beliefs they give funding to the chosen organizations. Just because someone or a group gives money to a Christian organization does not automatically make them “anti-gay.” To say that is an oversimplification.

The opposing group has formed a Facebook page in support of stopping Chick-fil-A from coming to campus. As of April 24, it’s main page states the following:

“[The] purpose of this group is to raise awareness that members will be looking for your support in our community and to be aware that a petition will be going around. Our mission is not to decredit the value of (Chick-fil-A), or any organization, simply to raise awareness about problems with organizations that support anti-gay rights.”

While we respect people with varying opinions about homosexuality, we have to think about the situation from a reasonable standpoint. The Cathy family is not the Westboro Baptist Church. It’s true the Cathy family has specific beliefs, but they have not shoved these down people’s throats.

If the situation was flipped and a business coming to SDSU was actively for gay rights, SDSU could not ban it out of fear of offending the Christian community. So, it should not expel Chick-fil-A for this reason.

When Boston’s Northeastern University decided to pull its contract with Chick-fil-A, the company came back with a statement:

“…We are not anti-anybody and Chick-fil-A (has) no agenda, policy or position against anyone as some reports continue to represent … Our agenda is simple: to graciously serve great food and have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.”

There you have it. Unless Chick-fil-A was outright disrespecting the gay community, there is no case not to bring it to SDSU.

Stance: Chick-fil-A should remain a dining option in the new Union expansion.