Little I provides leadership lessons

Editoral Board

Issue: The 89th Little International was held March 30 and 31.

Since 1921 students at SDSU have been organizing the largest student-run two-day agricultural exposition in the United States. We at The Collegian are proud such a great event is at our university.

The committee comprised of 135 college students puts the event together. The Animal Science Arena is staged with a majestic red barn and died green wood chips. The setting and tone of the arena is perfectly quaint. Props to maintaining a the barnyard feel.

Throughout the two-day event the students put together judging classes for high school students during its Friday morning sessions. This is an excellent recruitment tool for students.

With showmanship events including 150 students, involvement crosses many majors. This is an excellent way for our farm-loving students to share their love of animals with others.

There are a few things worth noting about the organization of this event. First off, the event has run seamlessly for many years. To host an event this successful for a number of years takes sound leadership and hard work. Other organizations should look to the organizers of this event for leadership of their organizations.

The group clearly identifies each person’s duties by naming them superintendent of their specific area, even down to the dance superintendent. Wouldn’t you love to say you were Dance Superintendent? Clear organization is key to the success of the event.

Another fun fact is this year Little “I” featured a llama as part of comedic portion of the event.

Stance: We support Little I and encourage groups to learn from the clean organization and leadership the students possess.