New career positions offer more opportunity for students

Noah Brown

SDSU has created two new positions to help students find careers.

The Office of Career Development has developed two new full time positions, Associate Director of Career Development and Program Coordinator for Internships.

“We want to create a lifelong relationship with students, from when they first walk in the doors as freshmen to long after they begin their careers,” said Nick Wendell, director of Student Engagement.

The Office of Career Development can assist students who are unsure of which major to pursue, students who need help finding an internship and even former students who find themselves without work.

“SDSU has a large network with employers, and we are willing to help any of our alumni,” Wendell said.

Students are encouraged to make an appointment or walk in and take a career evaluation. Wendell describes it as similar to a career aptitude test many take in high school, but more geared towards college-aged students. The test gives career counselors some information to work with in future meetings.

Career counseling is available for all students at the Office of Career Development, which is now located in Medary Commons. Construction of the office’s new home, part of the Center for Student Engagement in The Union, should be completed by summer 2013.

The office, formerly known as the Career Services Center, aims to become more accessible to students by moving to the more centrally located Union. At the same time, the office looks to expand further to meet student needs.

“When I’ve looked at similarly sized institutions, we are really behind the curve and trying to catch up,” Wendell said.

Suzanne Sumsion holds the new position of Program Coordinator for Internships and is responsible for a number of different student needs. She coordinates the part-time job fair, works with employer relations and helps to place students in internships. She also plans other career development events.

Much of what the office is trying to accomplish remains in the planning stages.

“We are still working on exactly what our plan will be,” Sumsion said.

The office has some time to realize its full potential, because its projected completion date is summer 2013.