Big dig part of infrastructure maintenance



The large hole just outside of the Agriculture Engineering building is part of a project centered on the maintenance of campus water mains and fire hydrants.

The main purpose of the project, according to Assistant Director for Facilities and Services Management Lynne Finn, is to ensure that the water mains will properly feed campus fire hydrants. The project will verify other water main functions as well.

“It’s something that can’t wait,” Finn said.

Finn also said that because the project involves water mains, it must be finished before the onset of cold weather so the mains don’t freeze.

Facilities and services spent the summer inspecting water main and fire hydrant functions to identify any issues that needed to be addressed.

“This is the only one that needed to be dug up,” Finn said.

Look for an update on other Facilities and Services projects on campus in future editions of The Collegian.