DayGlow cancellation unexpected


By Jake DeKraai

Strobe lights, neon paint cannons, 3D glasses — visual chaos.

That would seem to be the kicker for most SDSU students to attend an event. The simple idea of any rave that stimulates the senses and invokes a rare euphoria is not found in other events that have made their way to Brookings.

Though DayGlow was scheduled to come to the Brookings Swiftel Center Sept. 20, the traveling act has opted out of the show.

The DayGlow Festival is an internationally famous Cirque-Du-Soleil type electronica performance and is universally known as “The World’s Largest Paint Party.” Originating on college campuses in Florida in 2006, it has been touring and building up its fan base ever since.

When DayGlow’s plans to perform at the Swiftel Center were announced, many students were ecstatic. The cultural following that DayGlow carries rarely presents itself in Brookings and is a vibe that some feel the city needs.

Travis Adler, a sophomore Rapid City native, was not aware of the touring act prior to its planned stop in Brookings.

When asked if he planned to attend the show, Adler said, “From all this talk on campus about DayGlow, I am without a doubt going to attend.”

The excitement surrounding the event will have to wait for another day however — DayGlow canceled the event without giving a reason.

“I heard they were coming, so I checked out multiple YouTube videos,” said sophomore Hashim Gabon of Sioux Falls. “Honestly, I don’t know who wouldn’t go. The tickets are slightly expensive, but most students would make that sacrifice for an experience like DayGlow.”

The reason for the cancellation is still a mystery. The DayGlow website still has Brookings on the schedule. Executive Director of the Swiftel Center Tom Richter said the cancellation might not be permanent.

“I spoke with the promoter of the DayGlow event, and he said they just planned on cancelling for now, but may be returning on a later date,” he said.

The officials at DayGlow were not available for comment.