SDSU Students’ Association by-laws amendment


Amendment 12-01-A


1. Wyatt DeJong – Vice President       

3. Jameson Goetz – State & Local     

2. Benjamin Ruggeberg – Finance Chair         

4. Daniel Vellek – Administrative Asstant


Title of Resolution:  SDSU Students’ Association By-Law change of Senator Duties under Article V, Section 1, Subsection F.


WHEREAS it is important for students interested in running for a senator position to be clear on responsibilities and expectations of the position that they are running for.


WHEREAS Students’ Association does not have the ability to control the number of term openings that senators can serve on in university committees.


WHEREAS there are 29 elected senators for the 2012-2013 school year which would require 58 term positions within university committees to be in accordance with the current senator duties that is outlined in the current Students’ Association By-Laws and there are only 48 term positions open for the current school year.


BE IT RESOLVED that the Students’ Association By-Laws under Article V, Section 1, subsection F be amended to read as follows:

F. Senator Duties

1. Shall act as a representative of the college he/she was elected by.

2. Shall sit on a minimum of two University Committees.

3. Shall sit on a minimum of one Senate standing committee. Shall sit on a minimum of three university committees, Senate standing committees or a combination of university committees and Senate standing committees.

34. Shall maintain a minimum of two office hours per week.

45. Shall attend all Senate and assigned committee meetings in accordance with Article V, Section 3, subsection IL.

56. Shall fulfill duties designated by the Senate.

67. Shall attend a minimum of one Board of Regents meeting, or Students for Higher Education Days (SHED).

78. Special allowances to these duties may be granted by the Board of Directors.



Pass ______ Fail ______ (Date:   /    /   )


Roll Call:  Aye ______ Nay ______ (Date:   /    /   )


Chairperson Signature ________________________________


* If passed attach roll call vote record to this document.