Another note, another milestone


This summer was filled with excitement for me. I had a great internship, I got to enjoy Connecticut for another summer, but most importantly, I hit concert number 100 on August 18.

I didn’t start going to shows until December 2008, during my senior year of high school. But once I started, there was no slowing me down. From my first show to my high school graduation on June 20, 2009, I had been to around 28 shows. I remember eagerly awaiting my paycheck every week so I could buy more concert tickets, more merchandise.

Now that almost four years have passed and I’ll be graduating in May, I can honestly say not much has changed. The only thing that’s really changed is the distance I go for shows. In Connecticut, I have at least 10 venues within a 30 minute drive. Now, my friends and I travel upwards of five hours one way for a show. I don’t mind it, though. I think that’s part of the excitement.

Number 100 was no different than the others. I saw Paradise Fears, Trace Cyrus (yes, the one of Metro Station and related to Miley Cyrus) and Forever The Sickest Kids. I’ll admit, I felt kind of old because the average age was around 15 and I’m 21. But, I can’t say I didn’t have a lot of fun while I was there. I think that is the best part about concerts: regardless of age or background, everyone is there for a common reason ­— the music.

I have connected with high school dropouts, fellow college students, businessmen and people of all walks of life in between. When the lights get dim and the music starts to play, someone’s background doesn’t matter. When people are singing their hearts out with the frontman, the problems of the day seem to melt away. That’s probably my favorite part about it all.

If you’ve never been to a concert, I can’t do anything more than encourage you with every fiber of my being to try and find one to attend. I’ve met many of my closest friends, some of whom I never would have crossed paths with otherwise, at concerts. Now, I’ve never been to a state fair, but I’m sure they have concerts and I know SDSU has them. So this is me, standing on my soapbox, telling you to go to a concert. Even after 100, it’s still fun. I’ve already got at least five set up to attend this semester. I’ll never be a rockstar, so I live vicariously through shows.

It’s close enough, right?