Buried Life at SDSU

Tamora Rosenbaum

“Play ball with Obama,” “streak and get away with it” and “learn how to fly” are just three of 100 items on The Buried Life’s list of “100 things to do before I die.” The Buried Life is a group of four young men from Canada: Duncan Penn, Jonnie Penn, Ben Nemtin, and Dave Lingwood who “help a stranger achieve one of their dreams for every item completed on our list,” according to their website. They have a show on MTV, a New York Times best seller and now they’re making an appearance at SDSU Thursday, Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. in the PAC.

The first 350 people to arrive will be given a free copy of The Buried Life’s book, What Do You Want to Do Before You Die? There will be a meet and greet at the beginning, then the presentation followed by a question and answer session and a book signing at the end.

“I thought this event would get a lot of student interest and thought it would be fun for students as well,” said Bri Matthies, lectures and forums coordinator for the UPC. “I hope the audience is inspired to think differently about life after this event.”

She said that The Buried Life helped her realize that life “isn’t just about surviving — it’s about really living and not letting anything get in the way of achieving your dreams.”

The Buried Life had humble beginnings as a spontaneous two-week road trip. Tired of their everyday routine, this group of four friends originally just set out to do something different.

“We borrowed an RV, bought a camera on eBay, threw a party to raise money for gas and hit the road one summer before returning to university,” the group said on its website. “We never expected The Buried Life to be more than a two week road trip.”

That short adventure to cross a few things off their bucket list turned into a “carpe diem” way of life. If you feel like you could use some additional inspiration to pursue your dreams, or just want to have some fun, go see what The Buried Life has to offer this Thursday evening.

Admission is free for SDSU students. Contact Bri Matthies at 688-6173 for questions or more information.