Hobo Day: Great Success!


This article about the first Hobo Day 100 years ago was published by The Collegian — then The Industrial Collegian — Nov. 5, 1912. 


The first annual Hobo Day was a success in every respect and was one of the biggest boosting days that South Dakota State College has ever seen. By it spirit has been added to the college which will not soon be lost. Every student in college was represented and not one has been heard to say that he or she did not have the best kind of time. The townspeople of Brookings joined hands with the students and many were the “boes” who called at the back doors of the residents and received enough food to separate themselves and scores of Indian maids from starvation until supper time.

At the October twenty-fifth booster meeting of the Student’s Association it was decided to have a Hobo Day in lieu of the old time night shirt parade. Friday, the day of the Yankton games, was the date set, and a committee of which Dr. Slagle was chairman, was appointed to interview the excuse committee to request a holiday. The committee reported that there would be no classes after ten o’clock and that every student would be permitted to attend the first two classes bedecked in costume