Hobo Day anniversary is a smashing success

Issue: Hobo day participation was at its greatest level in recent memory.


“Far across the plains of Brookings” … The old song that has long been a rallying cry to Jackrabbits everywhere could be heard all across campus last weekend, from the Campanile to Coughlin. The level of participation among students and alumni throughout Hobo Week and into the weekend was unprecedented. Everywhere in town there were fewer places to park and more old friends to see. It brought a real sense of pride to walk down the street dressed as a ragged hobo and get waves and high-fives from random passersby.

Hobo Day is always a big event, but no one could have expected what the 100th anniversary of SDSU’s most sacred student tradition would bring. During the morning of the parade, crowds lined the route packed seven or eight deep, braving the sub-freezing temperatures. They screamed and sang and drank, cheering on every float, band and bum until the end. Revelers stumbled out of bars, woozy from kegs n’ eggs, but even they cheered the parade on with vigor.

The events put on by the Hobo Day Committee and UPC were well attended, in fact Miss Homelycoming was forced to turn away 300-400 people on Oct. 24. None of this infusion of Hobo spirit would have been possible without the legions of faithful alums that donated time and money to make sure that the 100th anniversary would be something to look back on proudly. The Alumni Association even ensured that the quality of floats was raised to a new level through the Fantastic Floats program, giving $1,000 to any student organization who applied. The Hobo Day Committee expected only 12, but in the end around 28 student groups took advantage of the money. As a result, many of the floats were simply stunning, projects that took untold amounts of hours, dollars and not a little bit of elbow grease.

From drunken former hobos to a tattoo of Weary Wil, cigar smoke wafting from Sylvan Green to grown men wearing bikinis, much has changed over the last 100 years. There is also much that hasn’t. SDSU is still the only school were students are encouraged to grow their beards long and their pigtails longer. It is still unique for the Hobo spirit that resides in every student and alum. Finally, let’s not ever forget these very special lines from the hobo hymnal … “Far south as I can see stands an old abandoned outhouse, called the University … It’s in Vermillion.”



Stance:  Hobo Week was as good or better than it’s ever been and Hobo Day even more so, take the time and say thank you to everyone who made it happen this year.