Final dances leave audience in awe

By Kelli Garry Juice Editor

Intensity filled the PAC as the final three couples took the stage for the last time. The votes were tallied and Katie Lingle and Josh Jasper were the couple to be sent home. For the final time, Lingle and Jasper performed their routine to the Adele mash-up of “Rumor Has It” and “Someone Like You.” 

“I learned to have no regrets and to just have fun,” Lingle said. 

After Lingle and Jasper performed, judge Ty Littau saved the couple with the only save of the season. Because of the save, the couple was in the running for the title.

The couple received a seven from judge Jen Novotny, an eight from Addie Borah, and an eight from Littau. 

Mariah Logan and Nick French were the second couple up. Starting from out in the audience, the duo did a dance to “Bad Girls,” “Let Me Hit It” and “Give Me All Your Luvin.’”

“I have to keep up with Nick’s fast pace by sticking with it,” Logan said. “I remembered my dance, so that’s a plus.” 

“She has great stage presence,” French said of his partner. 

The couple got two nines and an eight. 

Steph Paluch and Chris Soukup brought country into the PAC by dancing to a mash-up of “Fake ID” and “Footloose.” 

According to Paluch, the most difficult part is getting through the routine. 

“It takes ten minutes to recover from it,” Paluch said. 

“This has been a definite time commitment,” Soukup said, “Finding times to practice was hard.” 

From the judges, this couple received a nine from Novotny, a ten from Borah — the first one of the season — and a nine from Littau. 

The audience was given the chance to vote via text message. While the votes were tallied, the SDSU dance team provided entertainment. Finally, all three judges played a “Minute to Win It” game of stacking cups on water. 

After all the votes were counted, winners were announced. 

Lingle and Jasper received third place while Logan and French came in second. Paluch and Soukup were crowned the “Dancing With the Stars” champions.