Student engagement day is a hit

John Schmidt Web Editor

Two hundred and thirty students participated in SDSU’s first Student Engagement Day on Sunday. With move-in day being on Friday and Saturday this year and classes starting on Monday, students were given an extra day before their academic adventures begun. 

Convocation and Thump Start programs were held on Saturday of opening weekend, Student Engagement Day was placed in the extra day between them and when classes start to promote various involvement opportunities on campus. 

“We wanted to pack academic activities on Saturday, and have student involvement activities on Sunday,” said Nick Wendell, the Director for Student Engagement. 

On Sunday morning students were encouraged to explore the various faith options on campus. 

Later in the afternoon, students could attend Greek 101, an introduction to Greek Life at SDSU. 

“Students have a lot of questions about Greek Life and the introduction was designed to help familiarize them with Greek involvement,” according to Wendell. 

A wide array of student groups, fraternities and campus faith groups set up and handed out information at tables outside The Union to spark student engagement at the Campus Community Fall Festival. 

A large campus wide activity called Great State, had students visit and participate in activities at destinations all over campus that make SDSU unique. Stops included The Campanile, Dairy Bar and The Union. 

Great State is designed to feel like a campus wide open house, and give students the “opportunity to see as many corners of campus as possible.” Wendell said. 

Students had to travel to six out of eight places on campus, answer questions or participate in an activity to get a sticker. Once all the stickers are required students had to return their sheet to the Campus Community Fall Festival.

Participating in Great State allowed students the chance to prizes ranging from iPads to a discounted meal plan. 

Once the day was over students who live on campus had to attend their first floor meeting in their residence hall. This gave them the opportunity to meet their Community Assistant and their community at SDSU. 

The activities on Sunday were designed to change the setting of opening weekend according to Wendell.  

“We wanted students to have a couple days to get an opportunity to see what SDSU life is like,” he said.