The CHIVE creates comedy, community

Miranda Bader Juice Editor

With Pinterest, and Wanelo being very female friendly, guys have very limited access to websites to pass their time – until now. The Chive has been around since November 2008 but is increasingly gaining popularity, especially with the more common use of smart phones.

The Chive is home to over 10,000 photo galleries filled with humor and probably the main reason guys love it so much — attractive girls. 

“Yeah, I like the girls,” junior Josh Lefdal said while laughing, “and the partied too hard pictures.” 

According to their website, “the chive started with two visits per day and has grown to entertain an average of 750,000 visitors per day and churns out over 15 million visits per month 85 million monthly page views.”

“I’d say my favorite thing about the Chive is always being able to be entertained when I go on it,” said junior Travis Finger.

But not only does the Chive give us entertainment. The members give back, and encourage others to do the same through their popular quote “Keep Calm and Chive on” or more popularly, “KCCO”. 

Every few weeks, a gallery on the Chive is dedicated to images of Chivers “paying it forward.” Some may be about a lucky lead foot who happened to get pulled over and the officer let the driver off the hook because of a “KCCO” sticker. Other times, waiters and waitresses will be left a healthy tip with a note that says “KCCO.” But some of the more common random acts of kindness happen in bars, where Chivers meet other Chivers/Chivettes and buy a round of drinks on them. 

“The Chive Charities” is strictly a non-profit organization which donates their money to campaigns to help raise awareness, or help with financial issues. This means 100 percent of the profit goes to these campaigns. As of right now, charities are helping to fund a young boy named Jaiden, who suffers from a rare disorder called stiff skin syndrome which reduces his mobility. 

Another campaign includes a young woman named Gina Mercieri who suffers from Complex regional pain syndrome due to a car accident she was in two years ago.

Probably one of the more needy of the campaigns is Zoe Lush, a two-year-old who was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, which is also known as brittle bone disease. The two-year-old is constantly bound to a wheel chair, but even in the womb her bones were breaking before doctors eyes. The most common form of brittle bone disease is Type I, but Lush suffers from Type III (the most severe type). Lush has been lucky to live. The Chive made enough money to pay for Lush’s first rodding surgery – and that was in three hours of posting about her.  The rodding surgery will in turn strengthen the two-year-old’s bones. The Chive is still hoping to make enough to replace her outdated wheelchair and cover other medical expenses.

Not only is the Chive entertaining, but gives meaning and provides financially for families in need. The random acts of kindness are contagious and may be one of the most unique parts of the site.

Junior Nathan Haire summarized the Chive well when he said, “It’s hot, funny and awesome all on one website.”