Pressure builds for struggling Jacks

By Justin Harned Sports Editor

The Jackrabbits soccer team ended in a tie once again as they continue to struggle getting the ball in the back of the net as SDSU ties the Nevada Wolf Pack either team failing to score in double overtime Friday night at Fishback Soccer Park.

The game ended Friday night in what seems to be a frustrating start to the young season for SDSU as they are consistently putting pressure on opposing defenses as well as their selves, ending the game with 26 shots on goal to Nevada’s 10. 

“We certainly created enough chances to win, it’s the same old story we’re just not finishing,” head coach Lang Wedemeyer said. “It’s not one thing, sometimes it’s unlucky, some it’s good saves, it’s a poor decision, it’s wrong technique, sometimes a defender gets in the way, it’s just whatever way we can miss, we are.”

The Jacks continuously put themselves in position to make a kick but just can’t seem to get one to go in. The frustration is beginning to boil as Wedemeyer feels the team has anxiety when nearing the net. The Jackrabbits picked up their first win of the year against Lamar on August 30 and went on to tie their next game in double overtime. 

“We scored three and then we turned around and had two 0-0 ties after dominating games, we’ve got to be more consistent in front of the net,” Wedemeyer said. “When you score a goal early it sets the tone for the rest of the game and that’s something we’ve just been missing.”

The record seems to skip as SDSU repeatedly plays well but fails to score, inevitably keeping them from winning. Wedemeyer noted the results of each game the past couple weeks have been the same. The opportunities continue to pile up but the execution just isn’t there on the offensive end.

“We lost a little momentum in the first half, but I don’t think it created a whole lot of dangerous opportunities for them, obviously they hit the post in the second half,” Wedemeyer said. “Comparatively we were much more dangerous, we just didn’t finish.”

Freshman Goalkeeper Nicole Inskeep finished the game with five saves including a one-on-one game saving stop late in the second half to keep the game tied at zero. 

“As a keeper you have to keep yourself mentally focused throughout the game and just realize you’re going to have ten-twenty minutes not doing anything,” Inskeep said. “In an instant you have to be able to just turn it on and be able to make a save when you need it.”

The Jackrabbits were out hustled in the first half, as game time temperature was 91 degrees. Mother Nature once again played a significant factor in the game. When the game is on the line and the team is in the waning seconds of a game, Inskeep believes she needs to support her teammates and keep them motivated, as she knows they are tired and needs to keep them focused. The Jackrabbits keep tossing the word “anxiety” around and maybe a little luck may be exactly what they need.

“It comes down to just having confidence in ourselves and not getting freaked out and having anxiety when we go to take our shots,” Inskeep said.