Craft or Crap: Save money and make your own skin

Heidi Kronaizl News Editor

For this week’s craft or crap, we decided to take a functional approach, one that could also be used by both girls and guys. Most us on staff have MacBooks, which have an aluminum body. I typically notice the fingerprints and scratches on my Mac and have looked into buying skins and cases, which can be quite expensive. This week’s craft or crap makes a laptop skin out of contact paper. Out of one roll you can make several skins.

Items needed: 

Contact paper and scissors


Paper, pen and X-Acto Knife

Cost: $4.16 for contact paper

Craft or Crap? Craft!


1.) Roll out contact paper with the design facing down, and place laptop on the paper. 

2.) Trim paper leaving about an inch excess on either sides. If you are going to cut out the logo on your laptop (example: the apple on a Mac) do step three, if not skip to step four. 

3.) Trace the logo onto a plain piece of paper. Then, tape the logo to the design side of the contact paper and cut out using an exact-o-knife.

4.) Peel the backing of the contact paper off.

5.) With the sticky side facing up, place the side you are adhering onto the paper.

If you cut out a logo, make sure it lines up.

6.) Flip over your laptop and smooth out bubbles.

7.) Flip laptop back over and trim edges. Make sure unwanted paper is cut off and the edges are sticking to the laptop. You can repeat these steps with the underside of your laptop if you wish.