Students shave for Hobo Day tradition

By Marcus Traxler Editior-in-Chief

The scraggliest of traditions at SDSU has started once again. 

The One Month Club, where students grow facial hair and pigtails started Sept. 5 and its participation is up from a year ago. 

Organizers on the Hobo Day committee said 125 students signed up for the competition, where students will be scored for their how well – or how not so good – they can grow some scruff. The categories include “Fullest/Thickest,” “Best Try,” “Longest,” “Most Color,” “Patchiest,” and “Best in Show.”

Hobo Day Committee member Matilyn Kerr said the group is trying to replicate the energy that surrounded the 2012 version of Hobo Day, where the 100th anniversary of the event was celebrated. 

“It really is a good way to sort of signal that Hobo Day is coming up and that we’re kicking things off,” Kerr said. “We’re all pretty excited. We had a lot of great participation last year and we’re hoping that we can have those traditions going again this year.”

Chris Soukup, a senior history major from Sioux Falls, was participating in the challenge for the first time. 

“This is my last year here at SDSU and I wanted to participate fully in Hobo Day.”

He took advantage of the chance to get his face shaved in The Union by the barber on hand. Soukup had never had his face shaven with a straight edge razor before Thursday’s kickoff event – something he enjoyed thoroughly. 

“It’s crazy really,” he said. “The One Month Club and Hobo Day are something that’s really special to SDSU. It’s coming quick so we’ll have to get the freshmen up to speed on all of the things we do.”

He’s right; Hobo Day is coming quickly. The annual celebration is earlier than usual this year: October 5.