Vehicles victimized by early morning robberies

Jordan Smith Managing Editor

An unusual incident occurred on campus last week, according to SDSU Police Department Detective Cora Olson.  

On two separate occasions on Sept. 16 and Sept. 17 it was discovered that two vehicles had forced entries and items were taken. According to Olson, it is believed that the thefts occurred sometime in the early morning on Sept. 16. Both vehicles were parked in the Big East lot. 

Typically, vehicle burglaries are targeted at unlocked vehicles. UPD wants to remind students to lock their vehicles and hide their valuables, or take their valuables with them. 

“Thieves usually target vehicles that have valuables in plain view,” Olson said.  

Any information on possible suspects should be reported to UPD at 688-5117. Tips can also be reported anonymously to the Brookings Area Crime Stoppers.