Roping steer finds new home

By Emma Diercks Reporter

The roping steer that used to reside outside Hansen Hall was moved Sept. 6 and now sits between Shultz and Pierson Halls.  

Director of Residential Life Jeff Hale said that the Department of Residential Life agreed to move the roping steer to the new living community as a result of moving the Ag and Bio living community across campus.

“I think those students who have moved with the program will be excited and will take advantage of it like they did last year,” Hale said.

While a lot of residents in Pierson Hall are excited to have the roping steer moved along with them to the southeast side of campus, many aren’t thrilled of its exact location.

“I was looking forward for them to bring it back over from Hansen, but I feel like they just brought it over here to make us happy and just plopped it somewhere,” said Dylan Oeltjenbruns, a sophomore living in Pierson Hall. “They should have thought out a little more about where they were going to put it.”

One of the reasons the residents do not like where the roping dummy was placed is because they don’t have enough space to move around.

“There’s not a ton of space back there,” said Jessi Riediger, another resident of Pierson Hall.

Another resident, Wyatt Johnson agreed saying there would have been more room on the other side of Pierson. Residents also dislike the location because of its high traffic area.

“We’ve had people stop and laugh at us,” Johnson said. “One guy had even stopped to take a video of them.”

While the roping steer hasn’t been a big hit to the community yet, residents feel that people will begin using it more when the weather cools down.

“I haven’t really gone out there yet, but I’ll bring some ropes up next week and get out there,” Riediger said.