New Jacks: Free spirit rolls on with red hair

By Emily Bouta Juice Editor

Ashley Probst is a freshman graphic design major whose bright red hair makes a big statement. 

She moved here from Rapid City. Longboarding, drawing, and most importantly cheering are her passions. So far, Ashley has enjoyed making new friends and cheering. Her decision to come here was fairly easy. 

They have a good program for my major and it’s kind of close to home, and there’s the cheer team!


How did you choose this cheer team?

I had a friend from my old high school on the team, college cheer was something that I was interested in and this school had the best. If ever explaining Ashley all you have to say is, “the redheaded cheerleader.” Her red hair has been her identifier for the past two and a half years. Having it since sophomore year of high school she couldn’t imagine a life without it. 

Do you get a lot of attention for your red hair?

Yes, all the time.

How did you come up with the idea?

I just wanted to look different, I didn’t think about it. I just choose it and it worked out. 

Would you ever change it? 

Well maybe when I grow up, but I don’t want to grow up now, so no.

How long have you been longboarding?

Like two years, when I dyed my hair.

When is your favorite time to longboard? 

I love long-boarding in the fall when it’s colder, it makes you so sweaty when it’s hot out. 

Do you have any other talents besides longboarding? 

I don’t know, is cheer a talent?

 Ashley hopes to live in Colorado in the future as a graphic designer. With her vegetarian, outdoors, active lifestyle she is a free spirited, crazy college freshman.