Starbucks brings new brew to Union

Patrick Bowden News Editor


 Over winter break, it has been decided by Student Affairs to replace the current Java City in The Union with a Starbucks brewery. 

“[At SDSU], there has been more of a request for coffee shops than anything else,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Doug Wermedal. “Again, it’s not finalized, but we’re looking at about 90 percent certainty of a Starbucks location for here on campus.” 

The process of getting new dining locations on campus begins with various student surveys, which reflect the general voice of the student population, and is then moved to Student Affairs. Not all dining options make it through the requirements of a campus eatery, however, due to factors such as fitting into the meal plans. 

“Apparently some students brought it up last school year that they would like some more variety in coffee options on campus,” said Students’ Association Administrative Assistant Daniel Vellek. 

“Over the summer, Aramark employees and the Student Union officials looked into options and came up with the idea of changing the Union’s Java City into a Starbucks. After the positive response, at the next meeting, Aramark made it official that they will make the switch over Christmas break.” 

After Student Affairs knew they were going to have a new coffee brand to bring in, there was some consideration into which main brand was going to be chosen. 

“We asked ourselves if we could mix it up a bit: the missing jewel in our crown was either a Starbucks or a Caribou, and the students answered Starbucks,” Wermedal said. 

Students can expect a brand new look to The Union’s main coffee stop, along with Starbucks drinks. Starbucks merchandise, however, won’t be sold and Starbucks bakery items are not yet at a definite decision. 

“[Changes will be] all the things you would imagine with a new brand: new signage, logo placement and new cabinetry. Things like the perimeter and the location aren’t changeable,” Wermedal said. “The reason we replaced a Java City instead of Einstein’s, other than there 


 are three Java City’s, is that our Einstein’s is the top performing location in our food vendors district – it even out-performs the location they have at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities).” 

The other two Java City’s on campus will remain the same, as will Einstein Bros.

With a namebrand, there have been concerns of an increase in price changes. SA has taken that into consideration, but there are no large changes expected, nor unreasonable price leaps.

“When asked about Starbucks pricing, Aramark said pricing will be determined after a coffee market analysis of all coffee locations in Brookings has been conducted,” Vellek said.

Similarly, Wermedal explains how the pricing for Starbucks must fit the portfolio of the prices already existing on campus. 

“The price changes won’t be massive – the smallest coffee you can buy at Java City is $2.02, and $2.04 at Einstein’s, so Starbucks will fit into that price scheme,” Wermedal said. 

The Fresh Market Smoothies offered at Java City are to remain at Starbucks when it moves in, and this has also presented the possibility of the smoothies being offered at the Java City in Wagner Hall.

“The smoothies will remain in the Union, but they might be branded by Starbucks. Either way there will be a smoothie option there,” Wermedal said.