Make an old pillow look like new

Making the ends point is optional, but it works just as well without.

By Emily Bouta Juice Editor

We decided that The Collegian needed a pop of color. This throw pillow took a little less than a minute to create and it came out as a great craft. It requires no sewing, cutting or pinning. Not knowing what we were getting ourselves into, the fabric and pillow size were just a guess. 

Goodwill was the perfect spot to pick out the pillow and fabric. With so many curtains to choose from we thought that a solid colored curtain would be able to go with anything. Whether it being a couch or a bed, the pillow is very versatile. 

Tying it was the hardest part. Tucking in the ends is best, so that the ends aren’t loose. It’s also good so the knot doesn’t come undone. Now not only does our couch look great, but this was the easiest craft yet.  

Items needed:



Cost: $3.71 

Craft or Crap? Craft!