Children’s Miracle Network campaign swarms campus



 Over the past few weeks, Be Bold Wear Gold has taken over the SDSU campus. Whether it was the students seen everywhere wearing the gold shirts or the NDSU fight song being blasted in The Union until another gold shirt was sold, it’s almost certain that “Be Bold Wear Gold” has been noticed on campus. 

“Be Bold Wear Gold” is a campaign to raise awareness of childhood cancer during the month of September. The team at Children’s Miracle Network is hoping to bring Childhood Cancer Awareness the same definition that Breast Cancer Awareness already has. The Children’s Miracle Network team out of Sanford Children’s Hospital is holding events this year all across the region. 

Local high schools across the state are participating in “gold out” games, fundraisers, and other activities to help the “Be Bold Wear Gold” campaign. Not only are high schools participating, but colleges, including SDSU, are participating as well. 

Here at SDSU, State-A-Thon and SDSU athletics are partnering with The Children’s Miracle Network to sell a special SDSU edition of the Be Bold Wear Gold shirt along with bracelets and pom-poms. The profits from these sales will be given to the Children’s Miracle Network supporting the Be Bold Wear Gold campaign. 

Michelle Albert, a junior majoring in Human Development and Family Studies and the Fundraising and Volunteer Management Coordinator, is selling the Be Bold Wear Gold gear here at campus. Shirts will be available for $10 in the University Program Council (UPC) office, located in room 136B of the Student Union, as well as at the Brookings Radio Station. 

There will be two “gold out” games this season. The first will be the volleyball game on October 18th, and the other is the football game on October 26th. Bracelets are two dollars apiece and pom-poms are one for two dollars or two for three dollars. 

This past summer, Kayla Hoover, a senior and Graphic Design major, had the opportunity to work with the Children’s Miracle Network team and help them to define and introduce Be Bold Wear Gold as a campaign. Hoover was tasked with designing the campaign’s logo and a flyer stating that Childhood Cancer has a name. The flyer gave information on children in numerous South Dakota communities that have been diagnosed with and are fighting or lost their battles with cancer. After the logo and informational pieces were developed, merchandise, such as that for sale here at SDSU, was created and available for sale. 

“I think I speak for the entire team when saying we have exceeded our expectations for this campaign, and I feel so rewarded and lucky for have helped been a minor part of creating awareness and raising funds for Childhood Cancer in the area,” Hoover said.