New Jacks: Farm boy leaves home for SDSU


Our New Jack is Mitch Knobbe, a double major in animal science and feedlot management from Norfolk, Neb.

Emily Bouta Juice Editor


 Did you know there’s a difference between a farm boy and a cowboy? Freshman Mitch Knobbe from Norfolk, Neb. has enlightened me on the subject and opened up about his personal life. 

Are you more of a cowboy or farm boy?

I’m a feedlot farmer.

What’s the difference between the two?

Well a cowboy is more of riding horses and rodeos while I’m more of taking care of cattle and livestock.

Is this a generation thing in your family?

It skipped my dad but all of my uncles and grandpa are feedlot guys.

So why did you choose to come to SDSU?

It’s a big agriculture school with a small town aspect.

Is your major agriculture?

Well it’s animal science, and feedlot management. 

Do you participate in any clubs here?

I’m in Little-I, Swine Club, and Wildlife Club.

So far, what has been your favorite thing about SDSU?

I’ve liked all the hunting; I’m not a school guy.

Do you hunt a lot?

Yeah, I’ve hunted every night here so far.

You can hunt here?

Yeah, duck hunt. 

Mitch plans on going back to Nebraska after college and running a feedlot.