New Jacks: Planned backpacking for undecided Jack

Emily Bouta Juice Editor


 Trevin Harmacek is a freshman at SDSU with an exploratory studies (undecided) major. His hometown is Sioux Falls, S.D. He wants to travel after college and try everything. 

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I want to travel to Europe, work around 

Europe and see everything. When I have enough money to come back home and I’ve seen everything, I’ll come back home.

Q: Are you planning on coming back to South Dakota?

A: It’s possible I could stay here, but I’m not on that mental mindset. I wanted to leave for college so I want to leave now. I might, I might not.

Q: SDSU wasn’t your first choice?

A: Well I was planning on going out of state but I have a twin and it was more of a financial issue. This college had the best feeling out of all that I looked at. I like it here so far.

Q: Are you in any clubs or planning on being in any clubs here?

A: I’ve been thinking about joining Greek Life. Other than that I’m not really involved. I was in high school like oral interp, track and cross-country. 

Q: So far what has been your greatest experience of freshman year?

A: There’s so many. I think that the Hobo Day football game was pretty fun but also really cold. Just chillin’ with my friends, hanging out. I’ve been enjoying the campus life. 

Q: What are some of the hobbies that you’ve been doing here?

A: I like to go backpacking with my friends. Make music, like techno and other stuff, I used to play guitar. I longboard like everyone else on campus, you know sit around and play video games. 

There is no telling where Trevin will end up in the future. With his plans to go to Europe after college he might find his passion there. No set job for him, “why not try everything out there?”